Positive parenting

Become more confident in your role as a parent

Sometimes it's hard to be a parent. With the Triple P parenting guide, it can be easier. You get tools to solve everyday problems. You will also receive advice on how to guide your child to become a secure individual. 


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Triple P is led by specially trained preschool teachers and is aimed at those who have children aged 0-5 years. It costs nothing and we arrange childcare on site if needed.

The most important basics of Triple P are

  • focusing on family strengths
  • having quality time together
  • setting limits
  • giving clear instructions
  • being consistent
  • having clear expectations
  • having predictable routines.

It is also important that you believe in yourself as a parent and that you can feel that what you are doing is enough.

Triple P stands for the program for positive parenting and aims to strengthen positive relationships between parents and children. The program has been developed in Australia and has been adapted to Swedish conditions. It is based on long experience of evidence-based research.

Choose a layout that suits you

You can choose between lectures, individual counselling and group sessions.